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Nomad Hungary

We are a company specialized in organizing geotours in Hungary. We offer intensive walking tours in Budapest, wild-camping near the capital and much more adventurous trips in Hungary. Feel free to contact us if you plan to visit Budapest as we can also offer general private guided tours.

Geotours in Hungary

Geotourism is a type of travelling where the destination is in the shape how nature had ‘built it’. This is a very new and trendy way of visiting this beautiful country. What does this involve? For instance, we offer camping trips in special parts of Hungary where people are rare to find, therefore it’s more natural to stay. If you love survival situations, we can offer you multi-day nomad camping under the sky in picturesque places around Hungary. Apart from this, we still organize trips to show historical places in a half-day or full-day tours. Don’t hesitate to contact us!